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Appendix B. Field Types Properties

Appendix B. Field Types Properties

This appendix gives you more detailed information on the field data types you first encountered in Chapter 3. This informationcan help you pick the best data type for any field you add to your tables; if you need to change the range of values an existing field holds, you can find the best replacement here as well.

Table B.1. Basic Access Data Types
TextText or combinations of text and numbers, such as addresses; numbers not subject to calculations, such as phone numbers or postal codes.Up to 255 characters.
MemoLengthy text and numbers, such as notes or descriptions.Up to 64,000 characters.
NumberNumeric data to be used for mathematical calculations, except money (use Currency type). Set the Field Size property to define the specific Number type.1, 2, 4, or 8 bytes. 16 bytes for Replication ID (GUID) only.
Date/TimeDates and times.8 bytes.
CurrencyCurrency values. You can also use the Currency data type to prevent rounding off during calculations.8 bytes.
AutoNumberUnique sequential or random numbers automatically inserted when a record is added.4 bytes.
Yes/NoFields that will contain only one of two values, such as Yes/No, True/False, On/Off.1 bit.
OLE ObjectObjects created in other programs using the OLE protocol.Up to 1 gigabyte (limited by disk space).
HyperlinkField that stores a link to another object in your database, another file on your computer, or an address on the World Wide Web.Up to 64,000 characters.
Lookup WizardCreates a field that allows you to choose a value from another table or from a list of values using a combo box.The size of the primary key in the lookup field(s). Typically 4 bytes.



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