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Chapter 6. Woe Is I: Pronouns and Case > Who Versus Whom (or Should I Just Shoo... - Pg. 66

Woe Is I: Pronouns and Case 66 Then a man stood up in the rear of the plane. "(7 Me/I) can make you feel like a woman," he said. Tall, dark, and handsome, he started walking slowly up the aisle, unbuttoning (8 his/him) shirt one button at a time. "(9 We/Us) are in for a treat," a few passengers whispered. The woman was breathing heavily in anticipation as the stranger approached. (10 Him/He) removed his shirt. Mus- cles rippled across his chest as he reached (11 she/her) and extended the arm holding his shirt to the trembling woman. (12 Him/He) whispered: "Iron this." Answers 1. Whom 2. She 3. Who 4. their 5. they 6. You're 7. I 8. his 9. We 10. He 11. her 12. He The Least You Need to Know · Case is the form of a noun or pronoun that shows how it is used in a sentence. · English has three cases: nominative, objective, and possessive. · Use the nominative case to show the subject of a verb; use the objective case to show the object of a verb; use the possessive case to show ownership.