Woe Is I: Pronouns and Case 63 Sorry, Wrong Number What should you say on the phone: "It is me?" or "It is I?" Maybe you should just hang up the phone and send a fax. The rivalry between "It is me" and "It is I" is right up there with Pepsi and Coke battling for market shares. The "It is I" camp argues that forms of the verb to be, such as is and was, should be followed by pronouns in the nominative case. Therefore, here the pronoun would be I. On the other hand, the "It is me" camp counters with the argument that noun case in English has disappeared. Further, they contend that the pronoun case has become so weakened that the force of word order now overrides the force of case. The placement of the pronoun in the object part of the sentence "It is me" and "It is us" has become increasingly acceptable as standard usage even in boardrooms. But if you're speaking with a lan- guage purist who is likely to become offended by today's more relaxed standards of speech and writing, use the time-honored "It is I" instead of "It is me." Strictly Speaking Should the childhood mecca be "Toys R We"? Should Sammy Davis Jr. have sung "I Gotta Be I"? (According to grammar frumps, yes!) Seventh-Inning Stretch Stand up, wave your arms around wildly, then sit a spell and take this brief quiz. Score yourself,