Woe Is I: Pronouns and Case Ask yourself what the sentence is saying. Here, ask yourself what does the boss disapprove of? Certainly not me! Rather, he disapproves of my leaving the office early. 62 Question: The flasher of the month was (I, me). Answer: Use I, because the pronoun renames the subject, the flasher of the month. You Could Look It Up Linking verbs indicate a state of being ( am, is, are, and so on), relate to the senses ( look, smell, taste, and so on), or indicate a condition (appear, seem, become, and so on). 7. Question: The one who will benefit from this honor is they and (me, I). Answer: Again, go with I, because the pronoun renames the subject. Use - self forms correctly with reflexive and intensive situations. As you learned in Chapters 5 and 6, reflexive pronouns reflect back to the subject or object. Check out these examples: · The superhero embarrassed himself. · Unfortunately, he had to rely on himself to save the day.