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Chapter 19. What Is Style, and How Do I ... > The 3C's: Consistency, Coherence, Cl... - Pg. 195

What Is Style, and How Do I Get Some? · "precipices" · "gloom and alarm" 195 Strictly Speaking Fashions in writing style change like fashions in clothes--but fortunately, there's no grammatical equivalent of thong undies. In the 1800s, it was common to construct long sentences with many subordinate clauses. Al- though some writers today do favor long, discursive sentences, in general the trend is toward shorter senten- ces. Coherence Coherent writing is logical and unified. Every single sentence helps clarify or support the main idea. You can follow the progression of ideas because the writer provides signposts or clues. These clues include the following: · · · · Transitions Pronouns Repetition Parallel structure A transition can be a whole paragraph of text or simply a transitional expression, a word or phrase that shows a logical relationship between ideas. Different transitional expressions signal to the reader how one idea is linked to others. Using the appropriate transitions helps you convey your ideas smoothly and clearly. You learned all about transitions in Chapter 15.