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Part: 2 Under the Grammar Hammer - Pg. 19

19 Part 2. Under the Grammar Hammer Believe it or not, grammar comes from the same word that glamour comes from. In the 1700s, grammar meant "enchantment, magic" (among other things). A sloppy speaker here, a sloppy speaker there, the r became an l. Voilà! A new word is born: glamour. To most of us, however, Tom Cruise has glamour, Liz Taylor has glamour, even Rin Tin Tin had some glamour (even though it's a little furry). Grammar does not have glamour. Neither does grammar have much magic, unless it's the witches' caldron variety. But you've been misled. I'm here to tell you that grammar can have glamour. It can even be sexy. In this part of the book, you learn the nitty-gritty of using English properly, including parts of speech, pronoun reference, case, verb tense, agreement, and solutions to a host of other common usage dilemmas.