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Part: 2 Under the Grammar Hammer > Altered States: Verbs - Pg. 44

44 Chapter 5. Altered States: Verbs In This Chapter · Find out why verbs are tense · Learn about a verb's person, number, and mood · Get the scoop on the active and passive voice In writing and speaking, you often have to show when something happens. Is it taking place now? Later? Did it happen earlier in the day, a week ago, a year ago, or when dinosaurs roamed the earth? In English, tense is used to show when something happens. In this chapter, you learn how to use verbs to indicate when an action occurred. First, I explain the different tenses and how they are used. The focus here is on regular verbs (the nice cooperative ones) and irregular verbs (the ones that need bran cereal). There's even a special section on lie / lay, the verb duo that reduces even linebackers and mothers-in-law to quivering masses of jelly.