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Chapter 15. The Writer's Tools: Round Up... > Using the Dictionary: You Could Look... - Pg. 151

The Writer's Tools: Round Up the Usual Suspects 151 You Could Look It Up Etymologies are word histories. Computer Spell Checkers: Marvels of Technology Computer spell-check programs call attention to any words that they cannot match to their own dictionary. As a result, the programs are a great help in spotting typos. They are included with nearly all word processing packages. But like all good things, these spell-check programs have limits. They are useless with homonyms, for example. If you intended to type "there" but instead wrote "they're," the spell checker does not pick this up as an error because you spelled "they're" correctly. Therefore, you must still proofread your documents carefully to make sure that you used the words you intended to use. Quoth the Maven