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Chapter 15. The Writer's Tools: Round Up... > Using the Dictionary: You Could Look... - Pg. 150

The Writer's Tools: Round Up the Usual Suspects 150 Take My Word for It The Oxford English Dictionary is the standard unabridged dictionary. It contains more than 500,000 entries. Don't rush right out to buy one to stash in your briefcase, however; it attempts to record the birth and history of every printed word in the language since about 1000 C.E. to the current date of publication. The OED now contains about 60 million words in 20 volumes. Specialized Dictionaries: Everyone's an Expert The standard abridged and unabridged dictionaries can provide you with a ton of information. But there are times when you need a bit of specialized language and writing information. Help is only a book away--try the following specialized dictionaries. Take My Word for It