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Chapter 4. Terms of Endearment: More Par... > Just When You Thought It Was Safe to... - Pg. 42

Terms of Endearment: More Parts of Speech Interjections show strong emotion. Often, interjections will be set off with an exclamation mark. Although any word that shows strong feelings can be an interjection, look for the usual suspects: Wow!, Zap!, Pop!, and the rest of the family. 42 · Oh! What a shock you gave me with that gorilla suit. · Wow! That's not a gorilla suit? With interjections, a little goes a long way. Use these marks of punctuation as you would hot pepper or hysterics, because they are strong and edgy. Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Take a Shower ... How long did it take you to get over Psycho? Still have nightmares about checking into the Bates Motel? Well, grammar has its own scary points. Let me give it to you straight because I know you can take it: Some words can function as more than one part of speech. Yes, you heard me right. This means you can't memorize a word like fish as a noun--because the slimy sucker can also be a verb. Here's an example of one that didn't get away: · Noun:I ate a fish for dinner. · Verb:We fish in the lake every Tuesday. Adverbs disguise themselves as prepositions in certain sentences; in other sentences, a word you thought was a died-in-the-wool adjective turns out to be a card-carrying noun. What's a writer to do? Just as no man or woman is an island (except perhaps for Michael Jackson), so no part of speech exists in a vacuum. To correctly identify a word's part of speech, you have to see how the word