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Chapter 21. Stylish Sentences > Punctuation and Style: Little Things Matter a L... - Pg. 220

Stylish Sentences 220 It stretches, snaps, and shatters when hit with a heavy object. If you press a blob of it against a comic book or newspaper, it picks up the image--even the colors. It can be used to build strength in a person's hands and remove lint from clothing. It's out of this world--literally--because as- tronauts use it to hold tools to space capsule surfaces during the weightlessness of space travel. What is it? That's the question James Wright asked himself in the early 1940s when he created the odd stuff. As an engineer for General Electric, Wright had been trying to develop a rubber substitute to do his part to help the Allies during World War I. However, instead of rubber, he created a blob of sticky stuff that bounced when he dropped it. It had no use, but everyone liked to play with it. In 1949, Peter Hodgson named it "Silly Putty" and featured it in a toy store catalog. Silly Putty was an instant hit. The Least You Need to Know · Mix simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences for a more effective style. Also vary sentence lengths, add questions and commands, focus on the subject, use vivid verbs, and invert word order. · In informal writing, use the pronoun you to engage readers. · Your choice of punctuation also has a critical influence on your writing style. · Always write clearly and logically.