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Chapter 21. Stylish Sentences > Punctuation and Style: Little Things Matter a L... - Pg. 219

Stylish Sentences 219 As you draft your message, use special care to avoid phrases that could seem hostile, rude, uncaring, or arrogant. Strike them from your style. Punctuation and Style: Little Things Matter a Lot Your choice of punctuation also has a critical influence on your writing style because it determines the degree of linkage between sentences. Further, it suggests whether sentence elements are co- ordinating or subordinating. Here are some guidelines: · Remember that a period shows a full separation between ideas. · A comma and a coordinating conjunction show the following relationships: addition, choice, consequence, contrast, or cause. · A semicolon shows that the second sentence completes the content of the first sentence. The semicolon suggests a link but leaves it to the reader to make the connection. · A semicolon and a conjunctive adverb (a word such as nevertheless, however, etc.) shows the relationship between ideas: addition, consequence, contrast, cause and effect, time, emphasis, or addition. · Using a period between sentences forces a pause and then stresses the conjunctive adverb. Take My Word for It