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Chapter 21. Stylish Sentences > Flexible Flyers - Pg. 215

Stylish Sentences 215 Focus on the Subject Select the subject of each sentence based on what you want to emphasize. Because readers focus on the subject of your sentence, make it the most important aspect of each thought. The following sentences all contain the same information, but notice how the meaning changes in each one based on the choice of subject: · Our research showed that 15 percent of employees' time is spent answering e-mail. ( Research is the subject.) Quoth the Maven Keep the subject and verb close together in very long sentences to make the sentences easier to read and understand. · Employees spend 15 percent of their time answering e-mail. ( Employees is the subject.) · Answering e-mail occupies 15 percent of employees' time. ( Answering e-mail is the subject.) · Fifteen percent of employees' time is spent answering e-mail. ( Fifteen percent --the amount of time--is the subject.)