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Part: 5 Style: All the Write Stuff > Stylish Sentences - Pg. 212

212 Chapter 21. Stylish Sentences In This Chapter · Learn how to write elegant sentences · Try your hand at revising poor writing · Explore the importance of punctuation to writing style Joanne is having a relationship with a sentence. It is a beautiful sentence, and she loves it very much. They met in Haiti, a number of years ago, when Joanne was on vacation. The sentence was in French then, but Joanne didn't mind. Even through a language barrier, she knew what it was saying to her. She could see that the two of them were meant to be together. The sentence was translated into English, and Joanne happily brought it back to America with her. She read it every day, mooning over every word, admiring her sentence's delicate phrasing. She knew she had the most perfect sentence in the whole world. And it was good to her, it made her life