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Chapter 9. Reaching an Agreement: Matchi... > Nose to the Grindstone - Pg. 95

Reaching an Agreement: Matching Sentence Parts 95 Confusing:The executive director along with the marketing vice president (was, were?) at odds over the new scheduling system. Better:The executive director and the marketing vice president were at odds over the new scheduling system. Nose to the Grindstone This one should be a snap, given all the facts you've learned about agreement. In each case, choose the verb that agrees with the subject. Given by the people of France to the people of the United States as a symbol of a shared love of freedom and everlasting friendship, the Statue of Liberty (1 are/is) the largest freestanding sculpture ever created. It (2 weigh/weighs) 450,000 pounds and (3 rise/rises) 151 feet above its pedestal. More than 100 feet around, Ms. Liberty (4 boast/boasts) eyes 2½ feet wide, a mouth 3 feet wide, and a nose 4½ feet long. Her upraised right arm (5 extend/extends) 42 feet; her hand (6 are/is) nearly 17 feet long. Her fingers (7 are/is) close to 10 feet long. The statue (8 has/ have) an interior framework of iron that (9 keep/keeps) it from toppling over. Tourists and guides enjoy (10 their/his/her) time with this stirring and symbolic landmark. Answers 1. is 2. weighs 3. rises 4. boasts 5. extends 6. is 7. are 8. has 9. keeps 10. their The Least You Need to Know