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Chapter 11. Phrases: Prime-Time Players > Appositives: Something More for Your ... - Pg. 107

Phrases: Prime-Time Players 107 Offspring 1: Adjectival Phrases When a prepositional phrase serves as an adjective, it's called an adjectival phrase. (That was a no-brainer, eh? Who says you don't get a break in this English biz?) An adjectival phrase, as with an adjective, describes a noun or a pronoun. Here are some examples: · The manager with the pink slips terrorized the employees. The adjectival phrase "with the pink slips" describes the noun "manager." · The price of the promotion was much too steep. The adjectival phrase "of the promotion" describes the noun "price." · Something in the corner of the desk was moving. The adjectival phrase "in the corner" describes the noun "something"; the adjectival phrase "of the desk" describes the noun "corner." You Could Look It Up An adverbial phrase is a prepositional phrase that modifies a verb, an adjective, or an adverb. Offspring 2: Adverbial Phrases