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Chapter 11. Phrases: Prime-Time Players > Appositives: Something More for Your ... - Pg. 108

Phrases: Prime-Time Players · Bob's car, a wreck, died a grisly death by the side of the interstate. The appositive "a wreck" renames the noun, "car." · Spot , a cat, should understand my moods. The appositive "a cat" renames the noun, "Spot." · She, my sister, is always late. The appositive "my sister" renames the pronoun "she." 108 You Could Look It Up An appositive is a noun or pronoun that renames another noun or pronoun. Some appositives are essential to the meaning of the sentence; others are not. Be sure to use commas carefully to establish meaning with essential and nonessential appositives. Otherwise your sentences will not make sense, as these examples show: Confusing:Do you know my friend Bill? Is Bill the friend or is the speaker talking to Bill? Clear:Do you know my friend, Bill?