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Chapter 26. Personal Writing: In Your Wr... > E-Mail: Instant Gratification - Pg. 271

Personal Writing: In Your Write Mind 271 Sammi Weinstein E-Mail: Instant Gratification The Internet is a vast computer network of computer networks. It's composed of people, hardware, and software. With the proper equipment, you can sit at your com puter and communicate with someone any place in the world as long as that person also has the proper equipment. You com- municate through e-mail, short for electronic mail. For electronic newbies out there, e-mail is so easy, cupcake. It's also a lot less expensive than telephoning! Internet mail uses a hierarchical system of names to make sense of the millions of com puters served. The name of each computer (or "domain") contains from two to five words or abbreviations, separated by periods, with the top of the hierarchy at the right. The following figure shows the hy- pothetical Internet address of Bob Smith, managing director of Acme Incorporated: The Internet address, up close and personal.