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Chapter 26. Personal Writing: In Your Wr... > E-Mail: Instant Gratification - Pg. 273

Personal Writing: In Your Write Mind Flaming is the term for sending rude e-mail messages. 273 3. 4. 5. In addition to style, the informal nature of e-mail leads some people to write things that are better left undocumented. This can cause embarrassment--and worse. Intra-office e-mail is a permanent record. It can be used in legal proceedings. One wrong keystroke, and your e-mail can be sent someplace you don't want it to go. Take My Word for It Sometimes I think e-mail is like the Hotel California: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. The folks who have spent too much time online invented the following smiley faces (called emoticons) to convey a light tone for informal communications. Read these sideways: :-)basic happy smiley face; :-(sad face: :-X lips are sealed face :-/skeptical ;-)winking smiley face :-D laughing face :-C really bummed %-)bleary eyed These cutsie-pie symbols are not appropriate for business communication. The Least You Need to Know · Friendly letters share personal feelings and information among friends and family. · Social notes relay an invitation or refuse one and express gratitude, congratulations, or condolences. · Letters of opinion express viewpoints. · Get wired; anybody who's anybody is on the Net.