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Personal Writing: In Your Write Mind Days of Wine and Roses 1221 GrapeLeaf Terrace The Valley, California, 17226 270 Dear Product Manager: On May 17, 2003, I purchased a Whine and Cheese corkscrew, model number 4157Z, from Wal-Mart, for $29.99. When I inserted the corkscrew into the cork of a Merlot that evening, the handle broke off. I have enclosed the receipt and all parts of the corkscrew in this package. Because the Whine and Cheese corkscrew is highly recommended as a Best Buy in Bottom's Up magazine, I can only conclude that the corkscrew I purchased is defective. Please replace my corkscrew with the same model or another of comparable value that you recommend. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Charlotte Chardonney My 2¢ Worth A letter of opinion can state a positive viewpoint as well as a negative one. For example, you might write to a park to praise its rangers or a school district to applaud its teachers. Or your letter of opinion might state a dissenting viewpoint--a different way of looking at the same issue. You might write to a newspaper, magazine, or television station about its editorial viewpoint. Whatever your purpose or audience, here are some suggestions to consider as you write.