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Chapter 3. Parts of Speech: Coming to Te... > Nouns: Prime-Time Players - Pg. 24

Parts of Speech: Coming to Terms Singular · brief · chief · proof Plural briefs chiefs proofs 24 Exceptions:In some cases, change the f to fe or v and add es: Singular · self · wolf · leaf Plural selves wolves leaves 6. Exception:This rule doesn't hold for names. When you're dealing with names, just add s. Thus, Mr. and Mrs. Wolf becomes the Wolfs . In compound words, make the main word plural. Singular · mother-in-law · passerby · sister-in-law Plural mothers-in-law passersby sisters-in-law There are two exceptions. Here's the first: If there is no noun in the compound word, add s to the end of the word, as in these examples: