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Chapter 3. Parts of Speech: Coming to Te... > Nouns: Prime-Time Players - Pg. 22

Parts of Speech: Coming to Terms 2. With plural nouns ending in s, add an apostrophe after the s. · girls: girls' manuscript · students: students' ideas With plural nouns not ending in s, add an apostrophe and s . · women: women's books · mice: mice's tails 22 3. Possess It! Reduce each of the following sentences to fewer words by using the possessive form. Doing so will improve your writing style. Here's an example: Original:The comedy routines of the Three Stooges aren't funny to me. Revised:The Three Stooges' comedy routines aren't funny to me. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The original name of Mel Brooks was Melvin Kaminsky. ____________________________________________________________________ The quack of a duck doesn't echo, and no one knows why. ____________________________________________________________________ The placement of the eyes of a donkey in its head enables it to see all four feet at all times. ____________________________________________________________________ The original name of Mickey Mouse was Mortimer Mouse. ____________________________________________________________________ The real name of Hulk Hogan is Terry Bollea.