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Chapter 7. Multiple-Vehicle Wrecks: Pron... > A Match Made in Writer's Heaven - Pg. 70

Multiple-Vehicle Wrecks: Pronoun Reference 70 Location, Location, Location: Placement of Pronouns Another way to avoid confusing pronoun reference is to go for the squeeze play: Place pronouns as close to their antecedents as logically possible. If too many phrases come between a pronoun and its antecedent, the pronouns may get muddied. This can happen even if the intervening material is logically related to the rest of the sentence. Here are some examples: Confusing: The statement that the dog catcher made and that she issued it as a formal policy in- flamed the city council, who knew it would result in widespread anger. Quoth the Maven Place pronouns close to their antecedents. Clear: The dog catcher made a statement and the Mayor issued a formal policy. This inflamed the City Council, which knew this policy would result in widespread anger. Take My Word for It