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Chapter 7. Multiple-Vehicle Wrecks: Pron... > It Just Proves There's Someone for E... - Pg. 68

Multiple-Vehicle Wrecks: Pronoun Reference 68 · Antinuclear protesters released live cockroaches inside the White House Tuesday, and these were arrested when they left and blocked the security gate. (That's what happens when you nuke a roach.) · My mother wants to have the dog's tail operated on again, and if it doesn't heal this time, she'll have to be put away. (Are we sending Mom or the pooch to the happy hunting ground?) · About a year ago, a wart appeared on my right foot, and I want it removed. (Is that before or after you take "it" out of your mouth?) · Guilt, bitterness, and cruelty can be emotionally destructive to you and your family. You must get rid of them. (Who? Guilt and bitterness, or the family?) There are three ways to prevent this kind of confusion with pronouns: · Make a pronoun clearly refer to a single antecedent. · Place pronouns close to their antecedents. · Make a pronoun refer to a definite antecedent. Quoth the Maven Your writing will be confusing if your pronoun reference is unclear.