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Part: 6 In Your Write Mind > Resumés - Pg. 279

Model Documents · CTY Instructors and TAs teach highly intelligent young people fast-paced, high school-level courses. In one three-week session, a student usually covers a year's worth of material. · As a TA for the Math Sequence course, helped students work at their own pace and explained topics they found difficult. Leadership Experiences · Director/Producer See How They Run play, Wilson Blackbox Theater (9/00­12/00) Directed 9 actors and 12 crew members; oversaw all aspects of the production; managed a budget of $2,000. · President (2001­2002), Treasurer (2000­2001), FireHazards a cappella group · Business Manager (2000­2001) and member, Koleinu a cappella group · Treasurer (2000­2002) and contributor, Princeton University Distractions puzzle magazine · Disk Jockey, 103.3 WPRB, weekly radio show (Princeton area) · Achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, after eight years in the Boy Scouts of America Computer Programs In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook and Word. Also worked with Portfolio Management Database, Wall Street Office, PCDOCS, Netscape, and numerous online services including Intralinks, LoanX and LPC's LoanConnector. 279 Model resumé for a purchasing director with experience. T'AYSHA EMERSON OBJECTIVE To gain full-time employment as a purchasing director EXPERIENCE