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Introduction xvi Take My Word for It You could skip these tasty tidbits, but you won't want to because they're too much fun! Danger, Will Robinson These warnings help you stay on track--so you don't end up lost in space. Quoth the Maven These are little expert tips that make correct writing easier. Acknowledgments To my long-suffering husband, who endured bologna rather than turkey with his cranberries, stuffing, and gravy. (Okay, so I was a little preoccupied with this book to make the turkey. Bologna is a recognized food group.) He has always been my strongest supporter and staunchest friend. And to my dear children Charles and Samantha, please stop referring to The Night Mom Forgot the Turkey. It is not a national holiday. I promise to remember the large dead bird at any and all appro- priate future meals. Also, a tip of the hat to Gary Goldstein, my editor for the second edition of this book. Tom Stevens, development editor, and Keith Cline, super copy editor, deserve credit for making me look much smarter and more careful than I am! And much gratitude to the amazing Christy Wagner, senior production editor, a fabulous colleague and production editor par excellence. My deepest thanks to Marguerite Owens Kassinger, Amy Losi, Joanne Marrone, and Charles Ro- zakis for providing resumés. And a kiss for Pessha Snedeker, president of the southwest division of my fan club! Special Thanks to the Technical Reviewer The Complete Idiot's Guide to Grammar and Style, Second Edition, was reviewed by an expert who double-checked the accuracy of what you'll learn here, to help us ensure that this book gives you everything you need to know about grammar and style. Special thanks are extended to Doug Stein.