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Part: 6 In Your Write Mind - Pg. 252

252 Part 6. In Your Write Mind Brenda Starr and Lois Lane can whip out a story in a flash, with nary a chipped nail. According to the movies and television, even L.A. lawyers, New York City cops, and lowly office workers sit at computer terminals and bang out perfectly crafted memos, letters, or reports at breakneck speed. Hollywood would have us think that effective writing is a cakewalk--without the cake, of course. On the other hand, we have Hollywood's picture of the starving writer, toiling away in anonymity in a garret, painfully facing that blank sheet of paper while waiting for the muse. The floor is littered with a mountain of crumpled pages; towers of empty coffee cups teeter against the stained walls. Of course, both are equally unrealistic views of the writing process, yet each contains a germ of truth. In this part, you explore the process of writing and learn how to produce powerful resumés, cover letters, business communications, and personal writing.