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Part: 6 In Your Write Mind > Personal Writing: In Your Write Mind - Pg. 265

265 Chapter 26. Personal Writing: In Your Write Mind In This Chapter · Write friendly letters · Send social notes · Learn how to write effective letters of opinion · Tune into writing technology As often as we use the telephone to reach out and touch someone, there are times when only a letter will do. Friendly letters share personal feelings and information among friends and family, while social notes relay or refuse an invitation. They also express our gratitude, congratulations, or con- dolences. There are also letters of opinion, sent to newspapers, businesses, and the media. In this chapter, you learn how to write other important and useful types of letters. Sometimes these concern your personal life; at other times, they are more business-centered. Friendly Letters: My Baby, She Wrote Me a Letter Letters are a testimony to the enduring attempts of human beings to bridge the communication gap between themselves and others. Letters pack an astonishingly big wallop for their size. In some cases, they even become the stuff of history. Although a friendly letter is an informal type of correspondence, it still matches the letter format you learned in Chapter 25. Quoth the Maven We could make a case that some e-mail correspondence is a contemporary form of the friendly letter. It follows a different format, however, as described in detail later in this chapter. Because friendly letters express your own ideas, you generally have a far wider choice of content with them than you do with a business letter. Nonetheless, an effective friendly letter must still be clearly organized and carefully thought out.