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Chapter 8. How to Write and Speak Good: ... > Don't Use No Double Negatives - Pg. 82

How to Write and Speak Good: Adjectives Versus Adverbs 10. 82 Rocco asked (good, well) __________ questions at the meeting and the boss answered them (good, well). Answers 1. tallest 2. higher, highest 3. coldest, heaviest 4. most 5. shortest 6. most 7. good, well 8. worst, worse 9. more 10. good, well A Note on Adjectives and Adverbs for Non-Native Speakers When you make comparisons using adjectives and adverbs, pay attention to elements that can be counted and those that cannot. As you read earlier, remember that less and fewer cannot be inter- changed. Less refers to amounts that form a whole or can't be counted ( less money, less filling ), while fewer refers to items that can be counted ( fewer coins, fewer calories ). 1. For nouns that can be counted, use few, fewer, or fewest rather than little, less, or least to count down. Incorrect:Carrot sticks have less calories than chocolate. Correct:Carrot sticks have fewer calories than chocolate. Because calories can be counted, use the adjective fewer rather than the adjective less. For mass nouns (which cannot be counted) use little, less, or least rather than few, fewer, or fewest to count down. Incorrect:There's fewer water in this bucket than I expected. 2.