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Chapter 8. How to Write and Speak Good: ... > Three Degrees of Separation - Pg. 78

How to Write and Speak Good: Adjectives Versus Adverbs · Positive degree :the base form of the adjective or adverb. It does not show comparison. · Comparative degree :the form an adjective or adverb takes to compare two things. · Superlative degree :the form an adjective or adverb takes to compare three or more things. 78 Strictly Speaking What do these three words have in common: childish, yellowish, and flowery? They are all adjectives created from nouns. Creating adjectives from nouns: another hobby you might want to consider. The following table shows the three degrees of comparison with some sample adjectives and ad- verbs. Table 8-2. Comparative Levels of Adjectives and Adverbs Part of Speech Adjective Adjective Adjective Adverb Adverb Adverb Positive low big fat highly widely easily Comparative lower bigger fatter more highly more widely more easily Superlative lowest biggest fattest most highly most widely most easily As you can see from this table, the comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives and adverbs