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Chapter 18. Guide to Spelling: Hooked on... > Follow the Rules! Spelling Rules - Pg. 186

Guide to Spelling: Hooked on Phonics 186 Follow the Rules! Spelling Rules Who can trust the rules of life? You really can go swimming right after you eat; men do buy the cow even after they've gotten the milk for free. Spelling, fortunately, has some valid rules. Here are three nifty ones that will serve you well. 1. The - ceed /- cede rule. There are only three verbs in English that end in - ceed: succeed, pro- ceed, and exceed. All the other verbs with that sound end in -cede. For example: · secede · intercede · concede · accede · cede · precede Danger, Will Robinson There's only one English verb that ends in - sede: supersede. 2. The - ful rule. Remember that the sound full at the end of a word is spelled with only one l. For example: