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Chapter 18. Guide to Spelling: Hooked on... > Attaching Prefixes and Suffixes: Bit... - Pg. 184

Guide to Spelling: Hooked on Phonics Word brave calm + + Suffix ly ly = = New Word bravely calmly 184 If the adjective ends in ic, add al before ly. Word drastic scientific + + Al al al + + Suffix ly ly = = New Word drastically scientifically If the adjective ends in ble, change ble to bly. Word able noble New Word ably nobly 7. In a one-syllable word, double the final consonant before a suffix beginning with a vowel. Word plan big + + Suffix er est = = New Word planner biggest 8. Don't double the final consonant if it comes after two vowels or another consonant. For ex- ample: failed, stooped, warmer, lasting. In a word of two or more syllables, double the final consonant only if it is in an accented syllable