Guide to Grammar and Usage You can correct a fragment two ways: · Add the missing part to the sentence Fragment:In the cabinet over the bookshelf. 291 Complete:I keep the aspirin in the cabinet over the bookshelf. · Omit the subordinating conjunction or connect it to another sentence. Fragment:When you go to the convention. Complete:When you go to the convention, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. I Interjections Interjections show strong emotion. Often, interjections are set off with an exclamation mark. Examples:Oh!, Wow!, Look out! M Misplaced Modifiers A misplaced modifier is a describing word that is placed too far away from the noun or the pronoun that it is describing. As a result, the sentence does not convey its meaning. It may also produce confusion or amusement. To convey the error, move the modifier as close as possible to the word