Guide to Grammar and Usage 290 · Correct :The Renaissance was a time of rebirth when people made startling new discoveries in science. Diction Diction is a writer's choice of words. Be sure you select words that are suitable for your audience, purpose, and tone. Depending on your audience, you can use words that are formal or words that are informal. Informal language includes slang. This level of diction is not suitable for formal dis- course. Be sure to avoid sexist language. This is language that assigns qualities to people on the basis of their gender. This language discriminates against people by limiting what they can do. Here are some guidelines: · Avoid using he to refer to both men and women. Sexist:He is a good writer so he knows how to select suitable words. Okay:Good writers know how to select suitable words. · Avoid using man to refer to men and women. Sexist:Man is a social creature. Okay:People are social creatures. · Avoid language that denigrates people. Sexist:lady lawyer, male nurse Okay:lawyer, nurse Double Negatives