Guide to Grammar and Usage Present Tense do draw drink drive eat fall fight fly forget forgive freeze get give go grow hang hang (execute) hide hold hurt kneel know lay lead lie (horizontal) lie (falsehood) lose prove ride ring rise run say see shake show sing speak steal swim take teach throw wake write Past Tense did drew drank drove ate fell fought flew forgot forgave froze got gave went grew hung hanged hid held hurt knelt knew laid led lay lied lost proved rode rang rose ran said saw shook showed sang spoke stole swam took taught threw woke or waked wrote Past Participle done drawn drunk driven eaten fallen fought flown forgotten forgiven frozen gotten or got given gone grown hung hanged hidden held hurt knelt known laid led lain lied lost proved or proven ridden rung risen run said seen shaken showed or shown sung spoken stolen swum taken taught thrown woken or waked written 301