Guide to Grammar and Usage 287 · Capitalize titles before a person's name. Examples:Dr. Frankenstein, Ms. Schmendrick, Rev. Smith, Mr. Myles · Capitalize abbreviations that appear after a person's name. Examples:Martin Luther King Jr., Laurie Rozakis, Ph.D. · Capitalize titles of parents and relatives not preceded by a possessive word. Examples:We saw Mother kissing Santa Claus. I saw my father with my mother. · Capitalize geographical places and sections of the country. Examples:Europe, Asia, United States of America, Lake Erie, the South, Yellowstone National Park · Capitalize the names of historical events, era, and documents. Examples:the Civil War, the Renaissance, the Magna Carta · Capitalize the names of languages, nationalities, and races. Examples: Language:French, German, Russian Nationalities:American, Japanese, Indian Races:African American · Capitalize religions and references to the Supreme Being. Examples: Religions:Judaism, Catholicism References:the Creator, Him, His name, He, Heaven · Capitalize proper nouns and proper adjectives. Examples: