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Foreword xiii But it's not impossible, because the circumstances have just changed. Laurie Rozakis is your teacher now. Trust me, you're in good hands. I've been teaching with Dr. Rozakis for several years now, and what always amazes me is how she makes grammar fun. Her students laugh while they learn--and they definitely learn. She has a knack for making even the most complex concepts simple, understandable, and memorable. Her students love her. They also respect her--she's not only an entertaining teacher, but a wise one. As far as I can tell, Laurie Rozakis knows everything there is to know about grammar and style. This book is the next best thing to being in her classroom yourself. You'll remember what she teaches you and start using it in your daily life almost immediately. You'll look forward to reading this book just as much as you used to look forward to avoiding your homework. You'll be amazed at how easy it is. The conference room will never be quite as intimidating again, either--and, if you're lucky, you could pick up a joke for the lunchroom, too. Read on and enjoy. Gwydion Suilebhan Gwydion Suilebhan is writing program coordinator and Curriculum Content Specialist for the Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth at Johns Hopkins University. He also works as a freelance writer, teacher, and curriculum designer. A collection of his poems, Inner Harbor , was published in 1997 by Woods House Press.