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Chapter 24. Don't Go There: Words and Ex... > Top of Your Game - Pg. 243

Don't Go There: Words and Expressions to Avoid 243 6. If you are not sure what courtesy title to use, check in a company directory and on previous correspondence to see how the person prefers to be addressed. Also pay attention to the way people introduce themselves. Use plural pronouns and nouns whenever possible. Sexist: He must check all his employees' timecards. Nonsexist:Supervisors must check all employees' timecards. Danger, Will Robinson Watch for phrases that suggest women and men behave in stereotypical ways, such as talkative women, rugged men, giggling girls, rowdy boys. Expunge such phrases from your writing and speech. Quoth the Maven If you do not know the person's gender, you can call the company and ask the receptionist, use the reader's