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Chapter 23. Diction: Find the Right Word... > Twenty-Five Headaches - Pg. 235

Diction: Find the Right Word, Not Its First Cousin 8. 235 9. Imply and infer This pair's a matter of perspective, whether you're receiving or sending. You imply something in a remark to a buddy, who then infers something from your words. Therefore, anyone who goes around muttering, "What are you inferring?" is a dolt. Oral and aural Oral is spoken, rather than written. And don't confuse oral (from the Latin word for "mouth") with aural (from the Latin word for "ear"). Of course they're pronounced alike, just to make your life a little more stressful. Take My Word for It A movie mogul once said, "A verbal contract ain't worth the paper it's written on." And it wasn't. 10. Sensuous and sensual Sensuous applies to the delight you get from things that appeal to the senses, such as art, flowers, music, and high-fat ice cream. Sensual is linked to erotic pleasures, lust, gluttony, and other yummy self-indulgent pastimes.