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Chapter 23. Diction: Find the Right Word... > Homophones: Give Piece a Chance - Pg. 238

Diction: Find the Right Word, Not Its First Cousin 238 In each case, if you remove the first letter of each word, what remains is a homonym of the original word. For example, aisle becomes isle. Now take a gander at another list of 20 words. How do they form homonyms? 1. add 2. bee 3. belle 7. bye 8. canvass 9. caste 10. damn 11. flue 12. fore 13. inn 4. block 5. borne 6. butt 14. lamb 15. lapse 16. ore 17. please 18. sow 19. too 20. wee Give up yet? (Naw, you broke the code by the second word.) The answer lies in the last letter. Remove it, and you get a homophone of the original word: Add becomes ad and so on. Grin and Bare Bear It Virtually none of the following words is covered in this chapter; putting them here is my sneaky way of getting in more confusing words. Use a dictionary if necessary. 1. 2. A (waste/waist) is a terrible thing to mind. I have a rock garden. Last (weak/week) three of the rocks (dyed/died).