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Chapter 23. Diction: Find the Right Word... > Twenty-Five Headaches - Pg. 236

Diction: Find the Right Word, Not Its First Cousin Word alter ascent assent bare bear (n.) bear (v.) brake break capital capitol conscience conscious desert (v.) desert (n.) dessert emigrate immigrate lead led learn teach loose Definition to change rising agreement uncovered animal endure stop destroy government seat where the U.S. legislature meets morally right awake leave behind arid region sweet leave a country enter a country writing material conducted receive facts give facts not fastened Example Alter the skirt to fit. The rocket's ascent took an hour. Nod to show assent. The window was bare. The bear growled. Can you bear the noise? Use the car's brake. Don't break the dish! Visit the capital. Congress meets in the Capitol. Listen to your conscience. 236 She was conscious during the surgery. Never desert a sinking ship! Camels travel in the desert. I love a rich dessert. She emigrated from France. Immigrate to a new homeland. That's a lead pencil. We were led to safety. You learn grammar. I teach grammar. The clasp is loose.