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Chapter 14. Coordination and Subordinati... > Subordination: What I Did for Love - Pg. 140

Coordination and Subordination: What to Say When the Cops Come Relationship Cause, reason Choice Condition Contrast Effect, result Location Time Subordinating Conjunctions as, because whether, rather than even if, if, unless, provided that though, even though, although so, so that, in order that, that wherever, where once, whenever, since, until, when, while, after, before 140 Follow the Leader Here are some examples of effective sentence subordination: Not subordinated:You lick a postage stamp. You consume one tenth of a calorie. Subordinated:When you lick a postage stamp, you consume one tenth of a calorie. Danger, Will Robinson the TV camera focused on him. Be careful not to switch the main clause and the dependent clause when you subordinate. If you put the main idea in a dependent clause, your sentence will not be logical, as this example shows: Because the TV camera focused on him, Todd wore a bright blazer. The sentence should read: Because Todd wore a bright blazer,