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Chapter 14. Coordination and Subordinati... > Coordination: All the Right Moves - Pg. 136

Coordination and Subordination: What to Say When the Cops Come 136 Sometimes you want to show that two or more ideas are equally important in a sentence. In such cases, you're looking to coordinate. Sentence coordination links ideas of equal importance. This process gives your writing harmony by bringing together related independent clauses. There are four main ways to coordinate independent clauses. You can use: · Coordinating conjunctions · for · and · nor · but · or · yet · so · Correlative conjunctions` · either ... or · neither ... nor · not only ... but also · both ... and · Semicolons and conjunctive adverbs. As you learned in Chapter 4, there are many different conjunctive adverbs. Here are some examples: · ; furthermore, · ; therefore,