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Chapter 22. Conciseness: The Department ... > Thrift, Thrift, Thrift - Pg. 225

Conciseness: The Department of Redundancy Department Table 22-3. Twenty Redundant Phrases Revised Wordy at this point in time at the present time for the purpose of in the event that until such time as in view of the fact that because of the fact that due to the fact that in order to utilize is an example of free up some space my personal physician thunderstorm activity weather event it is believed by many that experience some discomfort in order to making an effort to completely surrounded on all sides reiterated over and over again Better now now for if until because because because to use is make room my doctor thunderstorm snow (rain, and so on) many believe hurt to trying to surrounded repeated 225 Following are 8 wordy phrases that should just be stricken from your writing, much as you destroy the pictures of your old flame when you find a new love. (You did destroy those photos, didn't you?) Dead air: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. the point I am trying to make as a matter of fact in a very real sense in light of the fact that in the case of that is to say to get to the point what I mean to say Wordy:In fact, the luncheonette that was situated in the local area was, in a very real sense, the heart of the neighborhood. Better:The luncheonette was the heart of the neighborhood. Take a second and slice the deadwood from the following sentences. Each refers to an actual law still on the books in some U.S. cities. (They prove why we need more lawyers.) 1. It is a true fact that in Tennessee, it's illegal to shoot any game (for the purpose of harming them) other than whales from a moving automobile. ____________________________________________________________________ What I mean to say is that in Boston, it is illegal to hold frog-jumping contests in nightclubs. ____________________________________________________________________ 2.