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Chapter 2. Conan the Grammarian > Sweet Dreams Aren't Made of These - Pg. 11

Conan the Grammarian English has far more lives than a cat. How do I know? People have been murdering English for years--and it refuses to die. If anything, it just keeps getting stronger. 11 Puppy Love Which of the following sentences is correct? · Being an esteemed politician, the poodle lunged straight for Mr. Entwhistle's privates. · The poodle, an esteemed politician, lunged straight for Mr. Entwhistle's privates. · They both make a valid point. Both the first two sentences state that the poodle is the politician. Now, this may be true, but it's unlikely (well, maybe not ...). How can you rearrange this sentence to have it make sense? ( Hint: Try making it into two separate sentences or giving the poodle to a deserving child.) Misusing language is one thing; murdering it is another. I can help you correct errors in grammar and usage with surprising ease. After all, that's what this book is all about. Gross grammar abuse it another matter. There's no cure for that. Has It Come to This? Take this little quiz to separate the temporarily grammar-impaired from the hopeless dopes. Cross out every sentence that's just plain witless. Put a star next to the ones we can save with a little CPR (crisp pretty rewriting). ____ ____ 1. 2. Many dead animals of the past changed to fossils while others preferred to be oil. The plant was given to us by a friend that was supposed to flower in the spring.