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Chapter 12. Clauses: Kickin' It Up a Notch > Connect the Dots - Pg. 123

Clauses: Kickin' It Up a Notch ____________________________________________________________________ 6. ____________________________________________________________________ Dopey does not have a beard. He is the only one of the seven dwarfs without a beard. (who) ____________________________________________________________________ 7. ____________________________________________________________________ I received a postcard from a friend. The friend is working in Bora-Bora. (from whom) ____________________________________________________________________ 8. ____________________________________________________________________ He travels all over. He collects bizarre souvenirs. (wherever) ____________________________________________________________________ 9. 123 ____________________________________________________________________ Thomas Jefferson returned from Naples to American with four crates of "maccarony." He never guessed that someday his countrymen would be eating more than 150 types of pasta. (when) ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Pasta has the reputation of being fattening. It is not necessarily fattening. (despite) 10.