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Capitalization and Abbreviations: Go to the Head of the Class 177 Ancient times (2,000 years in the past) B.C. (before the birth of Christ) B.C.E. (before the Common Era) Modern times (within the last 2,000 years) C.E. (Common Era) A.D. ( Anno Domini, "in the year of the Lord," an abbreviation that comes before the date) Here's how these abbreviations are used: Emperor Augustus lived from 63 B.C. (or B.C.E. ) to A.D. 14 (or C.E. ). Danger, Will Robinson Never combine the abbreviations Mr., Mrs ., or Ms. with an abbreviation for a professional or academic title. For example: Laurie Rozakis, Ph.D., not Ms. Laurie Rozakis, Ph.D. Take My Word for It Because of their Latin roots, abbreviations for many degrees can be written in either direction: M.A. or A.M. for Masters of Arts, for instance. · Abbreviate words associated with addresses or location: I live on Sunset Ave. Danger, Will Robinson The ZIP Code abbreviations for states are not followed by periods. There's a list of all 50 abbreviations in your telephone book. · Abbreviate states. Use the official U.S. Postal Service (that's the official name of the good ol' "Post Office") ZIP Code abbreviations: NY (New York), CA (California) · Abbreviate some Latin expressions: e.g. (for example), et al. (and others) · Abbreviate measurements: in. (inches), ft. (feet) The following list shows some of the most common abbreviations for measurements: Abbreviations for Measurements-- Item yards Abbreviation yd.