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Chapter 17. Capitalization and Abbreviat... > Capitalization: A Capital Idea - Pg. 174

Capitalization and Abbreviations: Go to the Head of the Class 174 · Capitalize religions and references to the Supreme Being, including the pronouns referring to the Supreme Being: Religions: Judaism, Catholicism References: the Creator, Him, He, Heaven, His name · Capitalize each part of a person's name: William Jefferson Clinton, Barbra Streisand Danger, Will Robinson Don't capitalize the prefix attached to a proper adjective unless the prefix refers to a nationality. For ex- ample: all-American, Anglo-Saxon. · Capitalize proper nouns and proper adjectives: Proper nouns: Shakespeare, Mexico Proper adjectives: Shakespearean, Mexican In a hyphenated proper adjective, capitalize only the adjective: French-speaking residents Danger, Will Robinson