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Chapter 25. Business Writing: Write Angles > Good News, Bad News - Pg. 262

Business Writing: Write Angles 262 Good News, Bad News Myth #1: Good news messages are easy to write. Myth #2: Bad news messages are hard to write. Danger, Will Robinson A true pitfall of delivering good news is the potential for going overboard. Congratulating someone on a job well done shouldn't mislead the person into thinking he or she has practically clinched that promotion, which might not be the case. Stop! Both are wrong--both are right. How easy a message is to write (and deliver) depends on how well you know the situation as well as the message you have to deliver. It's also crucial to know what information each type of message must contain. Even good news can be hard to deliver when you have a lot of facts to include. Let's do some special deliveries now. Good News Compared to some of the situations we face every day at work, delivering good news seems to be the least of our worries. But even such a seemingly pleasant task as giving welcome news has its sand traps. To avoid getting bogged down, try these guidelines.