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Chapter 25. Business Writing: Write Angles > Bread-and-Butter Notes - Pg. 261

Business Writing: Write Angles Sincerely, 261 J. P. JobSeeker Remember to use correct forms of address on your letter ( Mr., Ms., Dr ., and so on) and nonsexist language. Bread-and-Butter Notes Remember how your Mom used to force you to write thank you letters to Aunt Shirley and Uncle Irving for those ugly, itchy sweaters? "Aw, Ma," you whined, "Aunt Shirley and Uncle Irving won't care. I bet they don't even read those stupid letters." Think again. It's not only your relatives who are impressed by your good manners; it's prospective employers as well. You should always write a business thank you letter when you've: · Had a phone conversation with someone at the company about an actual job opening or any matter relating to employment · Been granted an informational interview · Had an actual job interview · Been offered a job and declined it In today's tight job market, many employers expect applicants to be more aggressive. Following up after an interview can give you the winning edge. In this situation, a thank you letter really functions as a follow-up. The letter should remind the interviewer: · · · · · Who you are What position you want Your outstanding qualifications What he or she liked in you What new information you learned about the company during the interview Also use the letter as a chance to counter any negative impressions that might have come up during the interview. Be very sure that the letter is well-written and completely free of errors. Here's a model thank you note: Inside address Date Dear Mr. Harris: I am writing this letter to thank you again for the opportunity to work at Acme as an intern. The description of the internship that you gave me leads me to believe that I will enjoy working there immensely. I hope to do so during the months of June and July of this year. I'd like to specifically thank you for the advice and counsel that you gave me concerning my job search. I found your advice very helpful and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it. I look forward to working with you. Sincerely, J. P. JobSeeker